Medical and general gynecology :

Prevention, detection and treatement of benign and malignant gynecological diseases, and breast disease.

Gynecological surgery :

Laparoscopic ,laparotomic and vaginal surgery.Hysterescopy…

Obstetrics :

  • Pregnancies and births.
  • High risk pregnancies.

Obstetrical ultrasound :

First , second and third trimester ultrasound

Gynecological ultrasound :

Ultrasound of various benign diseases and gynecological cancers.

Menopause :

By the increase in life expectanc, Women of today are increasingly confronted with the effects of menopause and its several facets. Hormone replacement therapy if needed, should be tailored to the profile of each pateint.

Gynecological urology :

Medical and surgical treatement of perineal prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Infertility treatement :

Surgical infertility treatement, medical assisted procreation with cooperation of specialised hospital teams.